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Corporate Training Programs – Four Steps to Better Demonstrations

Four Steps to Better Demonstrations

I once heard it said that five minutes of demonstration is better than one hour of explanation—and I think it’s completely true! In a Corporate Training Program, demonstrations can be highly effective. Here’s a four-step process that can help with demonstrations in a Corporate Training Program:

1. The trainer should perform the demonstration at a normal pace. During this time, the participants should be watching the demonstration to see what the process and outcome are.

2. The trainer should perform the demonstration again at a slower pace. This time, the trainer should explain each step and point out any important or difficult steps. Again, the participants should be watching and noting what the process is for each step.

3. The trainer should perform the demonstration again at that slower pace, and the participants should ALSO be going through the steps. In other words, the participants should be following along with the trainer and doing the steps, too.

4. The trainer should now allow the participants to do the steps on their own. At this time, the trainer should not help the participants; instead, the trainer should allow the participants to complete the activity themselves to show that they have learned how to do it.


Scott Fabel

Scott Fabel is a senior corporate training consultant with Computer Aid, Inc. He has over 18 years of experience working with various Fortune 1000 companies on Help Desk Implementations, Microsoft Technologies, Business Analysis, and Project Management. This includes both consultative services and customized training programs. He is HDI certified, PMP certified, CBAP certified, and a MCT. Scott has been teaching others business skills, professional skills, and technical skills for more than 13 years. He is a faculty fellow at the University of Delaware and is currently pursuing his doctorate in education for which his dissertation will focus on the benefits of corporate training and mobile learning. He speaks three languages and was recently inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. His communication skills, combined with his martial art skills, provide him with a unique combination for keeping his sessions informative, lively, and interactive.

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